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Being Violent: The Origins of Insecurity and the VictimAccomplice Logic
Marcelo Moriconi (Moriconi, M.);
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ECPR General Conference 2014
Reino Unido
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UNDP’s report Citizen Security with Human Face presents a wide diagnosis of the phenomenon in the region, which appear as a paradoxical case. These paradoxes can be understood taking into account variables that are not often included into citizen security’s technical narrative. The paper examines crime from the parallel activities that give it sense and its raison d'être. Using examples from the Argentinean and Mexican cases, it presents five theoretical proposals in order to understand the phenomenon through and multidisciplinary holistic vision. Illegality must be understood in the context of its use, tolerance and efficacy as a mean to achieve goals. Taking into account the legitimation of violence as a useful mean in these societies, this work explains insecurity as a logical consequence of the collapse of legality as a key value of everyday social interactions, the patterns of recognition and the stereotypes of success.
violence - ilegalities - insecurity - Latin America