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Birth as a professional experience - results from a survey to Portuguese midwives and obstetricians
Dulce Morgado Neves (Neves, D. M.); Mariana Torres (Torres, M.); Mário JDS Santos (Santos, M.); Isabel Valente (Valente, I.); Sara do Vale (Vale, S.); Marta Gabriela Oliveira (Oliveira, M. G.);
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From Birth to Health. Towards Sustainable Childbirth
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Rationale: In 2017, the Portuguese Association for Women´s Rights in Pregnancy and Birth launched a survey for health professionals attending childbirths in Portugal. This survey was developed by a multidisciplinary team composed by health professionals and social scientists, and had as its main goal to map the diversity of professional experiences in childbirth assistance in Portugal. Methods: In this presentation we will show the attained results so far, which derives from the analysis of 263 answers. Both statistic and content analysis will be applied in order to capture the multidimensionality of the phenomena under study. Results: A preliminary data analysis allow us not only to characterize the working contexts of these health professionals but also to understand their subjective experiences in terms of their professional satisfaction and the difficulties they face in their daily lives. Implications: Through the dissemination of these preliminary results, we want to make visible and reinforce the importance of professionals’ experiences and, in the last instance, to contribute to the improvement of maternity care in Portugal.