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Classical radiation reaction in particle-in-cell simulations
Marija Vranic (Vranic, M.); Joana Luis Martins (Martins, J. L.); Ricardo Fonseca (Fonseca, R. A.); Luís Miguel Oliveira e Silva (Silva, L. O.);
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Computer Physics Communications
Países Baixos (Holanda)
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Under the presence of ultra high intensity lasers or other intense electromagnetic fields the motion of particles in the ultrarelativistic regime can be severely affected by radiation reaction. The standard particle-in-cell (PIC) algorithms do not include radiation reaction effects. Even though this is a well known mechanism, there is not yet a definite algorithm nor a standard technique to include radiation reaction in PIC codes. We have compared several models for the calculation of the radiation reaction force, with the goal of implementing an algorithm for classical radiation reaction in the Osiris framework, a state- of-the-art PIC code. The results of the different models are compared with standard analytical results, and the relevance/advantages of each model are discussed. Numerical issues relevant to PIC codes such as resolution requirements, application of radiation reaction to macro particles and computational cost are also addressed. For parameters of interest where the classical description of the electron motion is applicable, all the models considered are shown to give comparable results. The Landau and Lifshitz reduced model is chosen for implementation as one of the candidates with the minimal overhead and no additional memory requirements.
Radiation reaction,Particle-in-cell,Laser-matter interaction,Relativistic electron motion
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