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Exposition to Advertising Messages on Digital Media
Raquel Ferreira (Ferreira, R.); Rita Espanha (Espanha, R.);
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Communications in Computer and Information Science book series
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New technologic environments secure to their users sophisticated exit routes to intrusive publicity. There is, actually a crescent recognition about the sophistication of consumers and the complex relationship between propaganda on the digital world. Such a position is supported by 200 million users of Ad blocking software estimated throughout the world. It seems clear that relevant, smart and attractive productions are key pieces to perpetrate advertising as a business in this environment. However, how does the social networks user synthesize these concepts? What are the motives that lead users of digital media to expose themselves to advertising messages? In view of the fact that the nature of the advertisements consumption requires a high degree of interest from the audience member for their exposure, we have conducted a study in Brazil and Portugal, developed by applying the method of Grounded Theory, firmly rooted in one hundred and eighteen in-depth interviews conducted in 2016 and 2017. The text is dedicated to introduce the three most consistent motivations categories towards exposure to advertisement, A. Information/Surveillance B. Humour Management and C. Personal Integration.
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