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Extensive Growth and Market Expansion, 1703-1820
José Vicente Serrão (Serrão, J. V.);
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An Agrarian History of Portugal, 1000-2000: Economic Development on the European Frontier
Países Baixos (Holanda)
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The thesis sustained in this essay is that – while it is true that there were some crises, problems and blockages, and that development was by no means the same across all regions, sub-sectors and periods – Portuguese agriculture actually performed quite well in the 18th century, even when observed in a comparative European perspective. Extensive growth and an increasing market dependence were the two dominant aspects of that performance. These results can be explained, firstly, by a significant change in market conditions; secondly, by the ability of economic agents to adapt to new conditions; and thirdly by some effective economic policies. The market, the farmers and the government form the three sides of a triangle that proved to be reasonably virtuous for most of the period considered.
Agriculture,Economic History,Early Modern History,Eighteenth Century History,History of Portugal
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