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Film Showing. Let's Go - Rap among Black Youth in Lisbon
Otávio Raposo (Raposo, Otávio);
Título Evento
Senior Seminar for graduating Anthropology
Estados Unidos da América
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Cova da Moura, Arrentela and Porto Salvo. The black rap from peripheral communities of Lisbon (Portugal), both creating a circle around the city itself. Youth point a finger at racism, police violence and poverty. The life of black people. “Hip Hop is intervention. I don’t want anyone dancing, I want them thinking,” says Jorginho, one of the eight interviewed rappers. This documentary listens to the words of youth, frees their voice, doesn’t restrain dreams, outcries, or desires for vengeance, or even the almost surreal dialogues/monologues presented: “I dreamed I was flying over Pedreira dos Hungaros”. The sound of the beat box and Kriolu poetry is re-inventing life, so that one day these youth will have their Malcolm X, their Black Panthers. It’s for making the future. Hip Hop is the weapon, guiding intervention.
rap,ethnographic film,racism,black youth,segregation,hip-hop