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Guest editorial: advances in tools, techniques and practices for multimedia QoE
Shelley Buchinger (Buchinger, S.); Rui J. Lopes (Lopes, R. J.); Satu Jumisko-Pyykko (Jumisko-Pyykko, S.); Hans-Jurgen Zepernick (Zepernick, H. J.);
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Multimedia Tools and Applications
Países Baixos (Holanda)
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It has been realized that the success of multimedia services or applications relies on the analysis of the entire user experience (UX). The relevance of this paradigm ranges from Internet protocol television to video-on-demand systems for distributing and sharing professional television (TV) and user-generated content that is consumed and produced ubiquitously. To obtain a pleasurable user experience, a large amount of aspects have to be taken into account. Major challenges in this context include the identification of relevant UX factors and the quantification of their influence on Quality of Experience (QoE). This special issue is dedicated to advances in, tools, techniques and practices for multimedia QoE that tackle several of the aforementioned challenges.
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