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Participation and quality in ECEC: A multi-method approach
Nadine Correia (Correia, N.); Carla Sofia Silva (Silva, C. S.); Ana Fialho (Fialho, A.); Cecília Aguiar (Aguiar, C.); Helena Carvalho (Carvalho, H.);
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EARLI SIG 5 Conference: ECEC 2.0: Future Challenges for Early Childhood Education and Care
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Children’s right to participation has gained increased interest in different research fields. The positive relation between children's participation and the quality of ECEC settings is documented, suggesting that children who attend high-quality settings report more opportunities to participate and exert influence (Sheridan, 2007). ECEC teachers develop their pedagogical practices largely based on curriculum guidelines, values, and objectives, but also on their inner beliefs about participation. Because (a) children’s participation is a criterion to be considered when assessing ECEC quality, (b) teachers’ beliefs and practices are greatly important for understanding and improving educational processes, and (c) there are few measures and empirical evidence on children’s right to participation, we aim to investigate the associations between teachers’ ideas and teacher’s practices regarding children’s right to participation, and classroom quality. Specifically, classroom quality (i.e., teacher-child interactions’ quality) will be tested as a moderator of the relation between teachers’ ideas and practices (i.e., teachers’ perceived practices and independently observed teachers’ practices) to promote children’s right to participation in ECEC. Participants were (a) 58 ECEC teachers, who filled in the questionnaire on “Teacher’s perceptions about the implementation of children’s participation right in ECEC settings”; and (b) 58 ECEC classrooms of the Lisbon area, observed with the “Classroom Assessment Scoring System” (CLASS; Pianta, La Paro, & Hamre, 2008), and with the observation measure “Teachers’ practices to promote children’s participation in ECEC”. Associations between variables will be analysed through moderation analysis, and results will be presented, aiming to expand research on this topic within a multi-method approach.
Right to participation,classroom quality,teacher ideas,teacher practices,multi-method
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