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Practical and Epistemological Struggles for Abolitionism
Penal Abolitionism
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The growing attention paid to abolitionism over the past few years has not been enough to reverse the dominant direction of social and political action. What we continue to see is a growing tendency towards what is commonly referred to as the exchange of freedom for security. There may be an epistemological blockage preventing the social sectors that think of superiority and competition as the universal answer for any problem, from being touched by what generally seems to be the growing repugnance for violence and torture. Abolitionism is an integral part of the civilizing process. This process’s diamond point which, in spite of all its contradictions, has persisted. As Norbert Elias says, it is a problem of temporal and historic perspective. We are regressing, but the cycle of evolution can return to a morally positive direction.
crime; abolicionismo; prisões; anarquia;