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Representações e estereótipos dos imigrantes Russos e Ucranianos face à sociedade portuguesa
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Representations and stereotypes of Russian and Ukrainian immigrants in Portuguese society Based on an in-depth qualitative study of Russian and Ukrainian immigrants living in the metropolitan area of Lisbon (2003-2007), the article shows the combination of processes involved in constructing and reconstructing belonging and difference in their definitions of 'Us' and 'Others' (the Portuguese). The immigrants represent themselves as culturally different to the majority society, citing their distinct values (relating to work, for instance) and cultural practices at the level of interaction. While keenly aware of the stereotyped and prejudiced views others have of them, they also reveal their own preconceptions concerning this surrounding majority. This research material allows us to apprehend the attributes and stereotypes projected by the 'Others' key elements in terms of comprehending the levels of distance and proximity between the minority groups under study and the wider Portuguese population.
Immigration; Portuguese society; Social representations; Stereotypes
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