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Research in Social work: Education, Process and Practice in Portugal
Maria João Pena (Pena, M.); Jorge Manuel Leitão Ferreira (Jorge Ferreira);
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Social Work Research Across Europe: Methodological Positions and Research Practice
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Research in Social Work: Education, Process and Practice in Portugal” constitutes the theme of this current text, and the analytical process and course of the research in Social Work in the academic domains, professional practice and research activity of the social worker. We seek to inform the strategy followed by the Portuguese Social Work for its consolidation as a scientific area, recognized and integrated in the university system and in the national, international and European research structures. We identified some methodologies that underpin the research in Social Work in a direct relation with the research paradigms. Also, we have articulated research areas in Social Work characterized with the Portuguese process and we have identified some results in a combined reflection with the research principles and values of this area of knowledge.We approached the influence of the dimensions of social sciences and humanities, the European and international context within the scientific debate in the academy and research centres that host Social Work as an area of knowledge and integrate their researchers. It ends with some perspectives for future research in Social Work as part of a global society, within a weakened environment at economic, political, financial and social levels.
research of social work, methodology, academisation of social work, Portugal