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Side Event: Lisbon Waterfront Buildings And Public Spaces
Teresa Madeira da Silva (Madeira da Silva, Teresa); Caterina Francesca Di Giovanni (Di Giovanni, C. ); Pedro Marques Alves (Alves, P.);
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Grand Projects - Architectural and Urbanistic Operations after the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition
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Being the presence of Tejo, a mark of Lisbon since its foundation, the relation between the river and the city provides a rich field of research in the areas of architecture and urbanism. In the scope of the “Lisbon and the River Laboratory” of Architecture Final Project 2020/2021, we proposed to investigate examples of contemporary portuguese architecture existing in the waterfront, whose particularity was to be transforming elements of the city of Lisbon. The realization of a Lisbon waterfront Atlas seemed to us a task that could open new perspectives and diverse readings of the city. It was our intention, from the beginning, to build a collective research work, through research and debate of ideas and carried out as a team between students and teachers. The final result would constitute a particular object about this area of the city, that would open an unlimited field of questions, approaches and themes. With the creation of an Atlas, we want to express the richness of the site in order to show, from different reconfigurations, the recent interventions in the riverside area and its relationship with the river and its past. When we started the work, we could not imagine what was ahead of us. As the work progresses, we realize that making an Atlas is like “carrying a world on ones’ back” (Didi-Huberman, G. 2010). What we present here is only the beginning... 17th February 2021 Oral presentation Lisbon and the river Lab | Team Coordination: Teresa Madeira da Silva. Advisors: Teresa Madeira da Silva, Caterina Di Giovanni, Pedro Marques Alves. Students: Bernardo Custódio, Carolina Alves da Silva, David Carvalho, Duarte Almeida, Francisco Quaresma, Joana Marques, Júlia Shtefura, Luís Filipe Ribeiro, Mariana Rosa, Milton Perry, Nuno Almeida, Nuno Bernardes, Rodrigo Oliveira, Vilma Nico Ferreira. Integrated Architecture Master at Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. Final Architecture Project 2020-2021. Department of Architecture and Urbanism, CRIA-Iscte, DINAMIA’CET-Iscte.