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The four faces of information visualization: a conceptual framework for a postgraduate program
Maria do Carmo Botelho (Botelho, M.C.); Emílio Távora Vilar (Vilar, E. T.); Elsa Cardoso (Cardoso, E.); Ana Martinho (Pinto-Martinho, A.); Pedro Duarte de Almeida (De Almeida, P. D.); Luís Manuel Rodrigues (Rodrigues, L. M.); Ana Alexandrino da Silva (Alexandrino da Silva, A.); Sara Rodrigues (Rodrigues, S.); et al.
12th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, CISTI 2017
Estados Unidos da América
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The multidisciplinary nature of information visualization is today fairly consensual in both professional and academic communities: data analysis, information design, storytelling, among other subjects, are common drivers in this field. The systematic study of this cross-fertilization, patent in the way the concept’s definition varies according to the perspective being adopted, represents an important and needed addition to the critical mass of a relatively recent area of knowledge. The proposal of a single unified definition of information visualisation being beyond the scope of this paper, it instead summons and discusses its multiple viewpoints to help designing a postgraduate program on the topic, aiming to simultaneously start an open debate as its implementation phase goes on and new questions are subsequently raised.
Information visualization,Data analysis and visualization,Information design,Data journalism,Visual analytics