6ª Conferência Internacional EAI sobre Sistemas de Transporte Inteligentes
6ª Conferência Internacional EAI sobre Sistemas de Transporte Inteligentes
Apelo a submissão de artigos aberta até 31 de Agosto 2022

As society develops, the relevance of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) become more and more visible. ITS can make transport safer, more efficient, and more sustainable by applying information and communication technologies to all transportation modes. Moreover, the integration of existing technologies can create new services.

The full potential of ITS will be more visible if deployed worldwide. To achieve this goal, research poses as a major player in developing and deploying key ITS technologies, and contributing to standardisation, interoperability between transport modes and countries, cross-border continuity of services, among other uses.

The objective of the conference is threefold:

1. to enable researchers in ITS to share their achievements and findings in different areas of Intelligent Transport Systems and logistics;

2. to bring together the relevant ITS stakeholders and promote sharing of experiences;

3. raise collaboration among different research fields.

Paper Submission is now open for the 6th edition of EAI INTSYS hosted at Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, December 15-16, 2022! Check out the Call for Papers. https://futuretransport.eai-conferences.org/2022/call-for-papers/