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Belchior, Ana Maria (2010). Ideological congruence among European political parties. Journal of Legislative Studies. 16 (1), 121-142
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A. M. Belchior,  "Ideological congruence among European political parties", in Journal of Legislative Studies, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 121-142, 2010
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TI  - Ideological congruence among European political parties
T2  - Journal of Legislative Studies
VL  - 16
IS  - 1
AU  - Belchior, Ana Maria
PY  - 2010
SP  - 121-142
SN  - 1357-2334
DO  - 10.1080/13572330903542191
UR  -
AB  - Do European political parties represent the ideology of their voters well? This research aims to provide an empirical appreciation of the levels to which MPs ideologically represent their electorates within political parties in twelve European countries. The variable used is left-right self-placement and representation is measured through congruence. Three main hypotheses are tested. First, MPs express greater ideological extremism than voters. Second, MPs have biased perceptions on the positioning of their electorates. Third, New Left parties exhibit higher levels of representation than the other parties. Our findings reveal that only the second hypothesis can be supported without restrictions. 
ER  -