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Oliveira, M. & Rato, V. (2014). A parametric composition based on cork morphogenesis. In Vera Viana, Alexandra Paio (Ed.), Geometrias 2014 Proceedings. (pp. 85-93). Lisboa: APROGED & ISCTE-IUL.
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M. J. Oliveira and V. N. Rato,  "A parametric composition based on cork morphogenesis", in Geometrias 2014 Proc., Vera Viana, Alexandra Paio, Ed., Lisboa, APROGED & ISCTE-IUL, 2014, pp. 85-93
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TI  - A parametric composition based on cork morphogenesis
T2  - Geometrias 2014 Proceedings
AU  - Oliveira, M.
AU  - Rato, V.
PY  - 2014
SP  - 85-93
CY  - Lisboa
UR  -
AB  - Inspired in nature’s production system, the generative design processes enable designers to rethink
architecture design procedures. The objective of this paper is to describe a geometrical composition
based on cork biological constitution and growth. This research was developed within the framework
of the CEAAD course, at ISCTE-IUL, during the 2012/2013 academic year. The goal was to develop a
parametric, customable and adaptive geometric definition, using as starting point standard industrial
products of expanded cork agglomerate and the biological morphogenesis of cork.
The reported work combines a rational and practical understanding of the micro-structural and compositional properties of the raw material - cork - and its derivate - expanded cork.
The result is a generative geometrical definition tool that is able to generate new products,
totally adaptable to specific environmental conditions, personalized for its use and therefore, easily
From micro-structural composition to macro-scale construction, this research explores new geometrical application possibilities through the implementation of design principles from biology - biomimicry.
ER  -