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Costa, C. J. & Aparicio, M. (2004). Developing small web based systems. WSEAS Transactions on Computers. 3 (3), 647-652
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C. M. Costa and M. M. Costa,  "Developing small web based systems", in WSEAS Transactions on Computers, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 647-652, 2004
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	author = "Costa, C. J. and Aparicio, M.",
	title = "Developing small web based systems",
	journal = "WSEAS Transactions on Computers",
	year = "2004",
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Exportar RIS
TI  - Developing small web based systems
T2  - WSEAS Transactions on Computers
VL  - 3
IS  - 3
AU  - Costa, C. J.
AU  - Aparicio, M.
PY  - 2004
SP  - 647-652
SN  - 1109-2750
UR  -
AB  - In this paper it is proposed a website engineering process. The proposed process is largely supported in the concept of usability. But it incorporates concepts of software engineering, specifically simplified. This simplification results from the need of applying to small site development. The approach was applied to a site used by an accounting team.
ER  -