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Vázquez-Aguado, O., Fernández-Santiago. M., Álvarez-Pérez, P., Fernández-Borrero, M. & Fernández-Garcia, T. (2015). Spanish journals of social work. European Journal of Social Work. 18 (2), 298-313
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O. Vázquez-Aguado et al.,  "Spanish journals of social work", in European Journal of Social Work, vol. 18, no. 2, pp. 298-313, 2015
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TI  - Spanish journals of social work
T2  - European Journal of Social Work
VL  - 18
IS  - 2
AU  - Vázquez-Aguado, O.
AU  - Fernández-Santiago. M.
AU  - Álvarez-Pérez, P.
AU  - Fernández-Borrero, M.
AU  - Fernández-Garcia, T.
PY  - 2015
SP  - 298-313
SN  - 1369-1457
DO  - 10.1080/13691457.2014.885000
UR  -
AB  - Now that the European Space for Higher Education has granted full presence to social work in Spanish Universities, it becomes necessary to develop a series of strategies that allow its consolidation and equivalence with other Social Sciences. Although scientific publications count among the most adequate ways to achieve this purpose, there is no Spanish journal of social work in the main international databases. This article analyses the Spanish journals of social work published in Spain. It examines their characteristics, their place in the global system of knowledge and offers strategies for their improvement.
ER  -