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Marsili, M. (2017). The EU ineffective counterterrorism strategy. In Ciência 2017. Lisboa
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M. Marsili,  "The EU ineffective counterterrorism strategy", in Ciência 2017, Lisboa, 2017
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TI  - The EU ineffective counterterrorism strategy
T2  - Ciência 2017
AU  - Marsili, M.
PY  - 2017
DO  - 10.5281/zenodo.810533
CY  - Lisboa
UR  -
AB  - The European Union security and counter-terrorism strategy adopted after 11 September 2001 has not been effective, instead resulted in the increase of Islamist terrorist incidents.
Europe has been hit by a wave of terrorist attacks, which demonstrates the limits of the Security and Defence Policy. The EU short-term strategy, tending only to hit terrorist organisations, has not produced the expected effects: attacks in Europe, rather than decreasing, have increased. Little or nothing has been done to develop a successful preventive strategy.
After the early 2000s, there is hardly registered Islamic attack within the EU, due to the change in the Al-Qaeda strategy. The recrudescence recorded after 2014 coincides with the rise of ISIS.
ER  -