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Martinho, S., Moleiro, C. & Vauclair, C.-M. (2018). Microaggressions in the health setting. XIV PhD Meeting in Social and Organizational Psychology.
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S. O. Martinho et al.,  "Microaggressions in the health setting", in XIV PhD Meeting in Social and Organizational Psychology, Lisbon, 2018
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	author = "Martinho, S. and Moleiro, C. and Vauclair, C.-M.",
	title = "Microaggressions in the health setting",
	year = "2018",
	howpublished = "Ambos (impresso e digital)",
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TI  - Microaggressions in the health setting
T2  - XIV PhD Meeting in Social and Organizational Psychology
AU  - Martinho, S.
AU  - Moleiro, C.
AU  - Vauclair, C.-M.
PY  - 2018
CY  - Lisbon
UR  -
AB  - The aim of this research is to explore, describe and test how minority social healthcare
professionals react and handle microaggressions from patients and colleagues; what major
themes emerge and which are the implications of this subtle form of discrimination; how
implicit bias interfere with individual’s intersecting identities producing differential outcomes;
and what are the main consequences for the health care system in general (individual,
bystanders, health care climate, and patient outcomes).
ER  -