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Miguel, A., A. Keswani, Medhat, M. & Ramos, S. (2018). Culture and Mutual Funds. Australasian Finance & Banking Conference.
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A. M. Miguel et al.,  "Culture and Mutual Funds", in Australasian Finance & Banking Conf., Sydney, 2018
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	author = "Miguel, A. and A. Keswani and Medhat, M. and Ramos, S.",
	title = "Culture and Mutual Funds",
	year = "2018",
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TI  - Culture and Mutual Funds
T2  - Australasian Finance & Banking Conference
AU  - Miguel, A.
AU  - A. Keswani
AU  - Medhat, M.
AU  - Ramos, S.
PY  - 2018
CY  - Sydney
UR  -
AB  - Differences in culture are associated with significant differences in the conduct of mutual fund investors, managers, and families across countries.  We find evidence consistent with our six hypotheses on the effects of cultural dimensions on flow-performance sensitivity, flow-fee sensitivity, managerial risk-taking, fund performance, fund fees, and the fraction of indexed funds across 25 countries.  We also show that fund conduct is not only affected by the culture of fund domicile but also by the culture of fund family origin.  Our results highlight the importance of considering behavioral forces, and culture in particular, when studying mutual fund conduct around the world.
ER  -