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Dias, N. (2018). Museums and cultural diversity. In Nuria Sanz (Ed.), Museums and the Dialogue between Cultures. (pp. 133-137). Mexico: UNESCO Office Mexico.
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N. S. Dias,  "Museums and cultural diversity", in Museums and the Dialogue between Cultures, Nuria Sanz, Ed., Mexico, UNESCO Office Mexico, 2018, pp. 133-137
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TI  - Museums and cultural diversity
T2  - Museums and the Dialogue between Cultures
AU  - Dias, N.
PY  - 2018
SP  - 133-137
CY  - Mexico
UR  -
AB  - One of the aims of this first session was to question the relationships between
museums and cultural diversity, thus I would like to point out three aspects in order
to open up the debate: 1) the distinction between cultural diversity and cultural difference; 2) the value of diversity and diversity as a value; 3) the dialogue between cultures and/or the dialogue between people.

ER  -