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Marsili, M. (2019). Arctic Security: A Global Challenge. 8th Lisbon International Arctic Conference and Workshop.
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M. Marsili,  "Arctic Security: A Global Challenge", in 8th Lisbon Int. Arctic Conf. and Workshop, Lisboa, 2019
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	title = "Arctic Security: A Global Challenge",
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TI  - Arctic Security: A Global Challenge
T2  - 8th Lisbon International Arctic Conference and Workshop
AU  - Marsili, M.
PY  - 2019
DO  - 10.5281/zenodo.3559522
CY  - Lisboa
UR  - https://www.iscsp.ulisboa.pt/pt/servicos/comunicacao/eventos/vii-lisbon-arctic-international-workshop-and-conference
AB  - Arctic security is a main security challenge – a global one, not only a regional one – not only for the Arctic countries, but for the whole international community, first of all the European. With Russia and China expanding their role in the area, and the difficulty of finding an undisputed governance on maritime routes and economic exploitation of resources, there is the risk of militarization of the Arctic. After briefly summarizing current and future challenges in the Arctic, this paper analyzes the limits due to a deficit of suitable instruments to maintain security in the region, especially in relation to the role of international intergovernmental organizations, and suggests some remedies to overcome these deficiencies.
ER  -