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Alexandrino da Silva, A. (2019). The good, the bad and the ugly. ESS Data Visualisation Workshop.
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A. A. Silva,  "The good, the bad and the ugly", in ESS Data Visualisation Workshop, Milão, 2019
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	author = "Alexandrino da Silva, A.",
	title = "The good, the bad and the ugly",
	year = "2019",
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TI  - The good, the bad and the ugly
T2  - ESS Data Visualisation Workshop
AU  - Alexandrino da Silva, A.
PY  - 2019
CY  - Milão
UR  -
AB  -

Examples of the dos and don'ts of commons data visualizations. The “good” applies to charts that we consider interesting and could be reproduced elsewhere. The “bad” applies to data visualizations that could be improved using different types of charts. The “ugly” is a chart, misleads the reader, and is really an evil choice.
ER  -