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Dagdeviren, H., Capucha, L., Calado, A., Donoghue, M. & Estêvão, P. (2020). Structural foundations of social resilience. Social Policy and Society. N/A
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H. Dagdeviren et al.,  "Structural foundations of social resilience", in Social Policy and Society, vol. N/A, 2020
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	author = "Dagdeviren, H. and Capucha, L. and Calado, A. and Donoghue, M. and Estêvão, P.",
	title = "Structural foundations of social resilience",
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TI  - Structural foundations of social resilience
T2  - Social Policy and Society
VL  - N/A
AU  - Dagdeviren, H.
AU  - Capucha, L.
AU  - Calado, A.
AU  - Donoghue, M.
AU  - Estêvão, P.
PY  - 2020
SN  - 1474-7464
DO  - 10.1017/S1474746420000032
UR  -
AB  - This article aims to contribute to the theoretical development of the social resilience approach. Recognising the interface between resilience and poverty studies, it proposes a distinct role for resilience research from a critical perspective to understand the dynamics of hardship in exceptional times, such as times of socio-economic crises, rather than explaining the long-term trajectories of poverty. It then provides a conceptual framework on the structural foundations of social resilience, highlighting three components: rules, resources and power relations. The article uses the 2008 crisis and the ensuing period of austerity as a microcosm to place the discussion within a contemporary context.
ER  -