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Bento, N., Gianfrate, G. & Aldy, J. (2021). National climate policies and corporate internal carbon pricing. The Energy Journal. 42 (5)
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N. M. Bento et al.,  "National climate policies and corporate internal carbon pricing", in The Energy Journal, vol. 42, no. 5, 2021
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	author = "Bento, N. and Gianfrate, G. and Aldy, J.",
	title = "National climate policies and corporate internal carbon pricing",
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TI  - National climate policies and corporate internal carbon pricing
T2  - The Energy Journal
VL  - 42
IS  - 5
AU  - Bento, N.
AU  - Gianfrate, G.
AU  - Aldy, J.
PY  - 2021
SN  - 0195-6574
DO  - 10.5547/01956574.42.5.nben
UR  -
AB  - While national governments pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris Agreement, delivering on these aims will require significant changes in the activities of major sources of emissions such as companies. To drive such changes, companies will need to consider carbon emissions as a cost of production and many companies have begun doing so through internal carbon pricing. By employing data from the Carbon Disclosure Project, we evaluate how national carbon pricing policies influence firm-level internal carbon pricing and corporate emission targets. We find that firm-level internal carbon prices are significantly higher in countries explicitly pricing carbon through tax and/or cap-and-trade programs. These findings shed light on how companies are factoring climate change in their decision-making and on the drivers that can contribute to the generalization of climate pricing in the economy. 
ER  -