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Almeida, Maria Antónia (2021). Science and technology in Portuguese newspapers, 1854-1918. Academia Letters. 1098
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M. A. Almeida,  "Science and technology in Portuguese newspapers, 1854-1918", in Academia Letters, vol. 1098, 2021
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	year = "2021",
	url = "https://www.academia.edu/s/f088aa9776"
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TI  - Science and technology in Portuguese newspapers, 1854-1918
T2  - Academia Letters
VL  - 1098
AU  - Almeida, Maria Antónia
PY  - 2021
UR  - https://www.academia.edu/s/f088aa9776
AB  - These are results of a research on the popularization of science and technology. The goal was to find out how scientific knowledge reached the people, using newspapers as source of information. A database was built with over 6.700 news and advertisements from 1854 to 1918. These are a few of the main concerns of the press at the time.
ER  -