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Ferreira, M. A. M. & Filipe, J. (2022). Nanotechnology Applications The future arrived suddenly. arXiv:2201.07166. 1-33
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M. A. Ferreira and J. A. Filipe,  "Nanotechnology Applications The future arrived suddenly", in arXiv:2201.07166, Ithaca, New York, pp. 1-33, 2022
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	author = "Ferreira, M. A. M. and Filipe, J.",
	title = "Nanotechnology Applications The future arrived suddenly",
	year = "2022",
	url = "https://arxiv.org/abs/2201.07166"
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TI  - Nanotechnology Applications The future arrived suddenly
T2  - arXiv:2201.07166
AU  - Ferreira, M. A. M.
AU  - Filipe, J.
PY  - 2022
SP  - 1-33
DO  - 10.48550/arXiv.2201.07166
CY  - Ithaca, New York
UR  - https://arxiv.org/abs/2201.07166
AB  - There is already a significant time, but it gives the sensation of extremely short,nanotechnology has become one of the most promising scientific hopes in innumerable human domains. Now the hope become reality. Countless scientific studies in several areas of knowledge have been made since the nanoscale emergence, carrying their contribution to the nanoscience development. The recent research in this field allowed the union of interests among several areas, such as physical sciences, molecular engineering, biology, biotechnology and medicine for example, contributing to the investigation of biosystems at a nanoscale. In this work begin discussing nanotechnology in a general way. Then nanotechnology and the applications in industry, in electronics and in medicine are presented and some discussion is proposed in order to define the boundaries for the advances on those areas. In the end, nanotechnology is discussed in terms of ethics and in terms of the borders that nanotechnology applications must satisfyand concluding notes are presented, highlighting the results of the analysis. Important considerations are made about the close connection between ethics and the nanotechnology and the effects over the society and values. Some future directions for the research are suggested.
ER  -