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Sousa, M., Nunes, F. G., Nascimento, G. & Chinmay Chakraborty (2023). Future Health Scenarios. Informa UK Limited.
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M. J. Sousa et al.,  Future Health Scenarios, Informa UK Limited, 2023
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TI  - Future Health Scenarios
AU  - Sousa, M.
AU  - Nunes, F. G.
AU  - Nascimento, G.
AU  - Chinmay Chakraborty
PY  - 2023
UR  - https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/edit/10.1201/9781003227892/future-health-scenarios-maria-jos%C3%A9-sousa-francisco-guilherme-nunes-generosa-nascimento-chinmay-chakraborty?refId=1509eb70-29b9-43a0-b8d4-a4a01022bd5c&context=ubx
AB  - Digital technologies is a major emerging area to invest and research in new models of health management. Future health scenarios are constituted by technologies in health and clinical decision-making systems. This book provides a unique multidisciplinary approach for exploring the potential contribution of AI and digital technologies in enabling global healthcare systems to respond to urgent twenty-first-century challenges. Deep analysis has been made regarding telemedicine using big data, deep learning, robotics, mobile and remote applications.


Focuses on prospective scenarios in health to predict possible futures.
Addresses the urgent needs of the key population, socio-technical and health themes.
Covers health innovative practices as 3D models for surgeries, big data to treat rare diseases, and AI robot for heart treatments.
Explores telemedicine using big data, deep learning, robotics, mobile and remote applications.
Reviews public health based on predictive analytics and disease trends.
This book is aimed at researchers, professionals, and graduate students in computer science, artificial intelligence, decision support, healthcare technology management, biomedical engineering, and robotics.
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