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Navigating complexities in international migration
Pedro Gois (Pedro Gois); Nuno Oliveira (Oliveira, Nuno); Sofia Gaspar (Gaspar, S.);
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Portuguese Journal of Social Science
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Over the past few decades and up to the present day, the migration landscape in Portugal has undergone a profound and significant transformation. Portugal can be viewed as a dynamic testing ground for experimenting with shifts in migration, the study of migration and the integration of migrants. When research ing the heart of this transformation, it becomes evident that traditional dichotomies and essentialized approaches are no longer sufficient to capture the intricate tapestry of migratory processes and their profound impact on society. This special issue aims to serve as a compass guiding us through this evolving terrain, offering innovative theoretical, conceptual and methodological reflections that hold the promise of reshaping the future of migration studies in Portugal.