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Social inclusion of African athletes in Europe
The overall objectives of SINAFE are to: • To develop a support mechanism for social inclusion of migrant African athletes in Europe. With the perspective of “sport as a human right”, it targets to encourage social inclusion and support providing equal opportunities in sport for all people, including the ones from a disadvantageous background. In spite sport is seen as a perfect tool for social mobility and the stories from sport, particularly football, presents a dream for many young athletes, many athletes are coming from poor countries suffer from social exclusion in the country they migrated. The migration of an increasing number of athletes to Europe in recent years makes this issue prominent in the European context. • Contribute to innovative approaches to training for migrant athletes by developing a curriculum including rights, legal procedures and occupational information using inclusive and empowering techniques.   The special aims of the SINAFE project are to: • To develop and implement a support mechanism for minor migrant athletes to include them in the host country and sport industry. • To provide a needs analysis report with qualified data gathered by experts in the field to exhibit challenges faced by migrant athletes and to guide the next steps of the project. • To develop guides and policy recommendation papers for different stakeholders. • To develop the curriculum of a training module for minor athletes to overcome their lack of information about general regulations for the immigrant community and specific regulations for migrant athletes. The training mainly aims to support the employment of these athletes in the sports labour market by informing them about their rights and contributing professional knowledge.   The direct target group of the project is minor African athletes in participant countries.   The final beneficiaries of the project are various sport organisations, migration instut...
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