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Projetos de Investigação
Buracos negros, holografia e transições de fase
The project is organized into two tasks. On the first task we will deal with black hole perturbations, quasinormal modes and cosmic censorship. In these studies we will specially beconcerned with the effects of higher derivative corrections in the black hole solutions we will consider. These corrections are typically motivated by string theories.In the second task we will apply the AdS/CFT correspondence to problems of current interest in strongly coupled systems, namely condensed matter and nonperturbative QCD.
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Quantum Security
The main goal of the project is to address and tackle some of the most challenging open problems in the area of quantum security. Significant original results are expected in several fronts, such as: design and analysis of quantum protocols, model checking of quantum systems, quantum cryptoanalysis of classical protocols, quantum solutions to classical impossibilities. Several applications will be investigated with the purpose of understating how they can be speed up using quantum information. The focus will be on cryptographic tasks, such as zero knowledge proof systems, e-voting, authentication and contract signing. A model-checking tool for quantum systems will be produced within the project, as well as a simulator for testing quantum attacks on symmetric cryptosyst
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