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I am passionate and motivated individual, with a lifelong enthusiasm for Human Behaviour and a strong desire to help Others. My passion for these areas has led me to developed a strong multidisciplinary work in the study of socio-emotional behaviour across Human development, at the Individual (Clinical Psychology), Dyadic (scientific study of mother-infant attachment relationships), Social/Group (Organizational Psychology and Team Building) and Psychobiological (interactions between environment and endocrine system) levels. Currently, I am interested and developing research work in behaviour that goes beyond Human Development, but that is closely interconnected with it, such as Sustainability, in particular, the transition to more sustainable eating practices in school-aged children and adolescents.I  have experience in multiple professional settings (clinical, academic-scientific, business), both at national and international levels, where I developed project management leadership, and a dynamic, adaptable and multicultural work ethic. My desire to innovate and solve complex problems in a creative way are always present. The balance between teamwork and autonomy, focus on the Person and results and empathy are my strongest professional assets, all essential cornerstones in Successful teams.

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