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Projetos de Investigação
Mentoring Pathways toward Employment
The priorities were chosen taking into account the main goal of MPATH project which is creating a mentoring model to help low skilled and long term unemployed workers to enter in the labour market and maintaining theirs job place. Before proceeding with the review, it is worth clarifying how mentoring has been defined. Tolan et al’s (2008) definition, which described mentoring as having the following four characteristics: interaction between two individuals over an extended period of time; inequality of experience, knowledge, or power between the mentor and mentee (recipient); the mentee is in a position to benefit from the knowledge, skill, ability, or experience of the mentor and the absence of the role inequality that typifies other helping relationships. Or in other words a mutually valued relationship.
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Universidade Intergeracional (2ª edição)
    Iniciação à investigação e intervenção nas áreas da família e saúde mental
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