Integrated Lens Antenna Shaping

Main Objective: ILASH project aimed at developing and delivering to ESA-ESTEC a validated software tool for the design, analysis and optimization of high permittivity circular symmetric integrated lens antennas (ILA) with optimized coupling to incoming broadband on-axis beam, or to narrowband off-axis beams in scanning applications – the ILASH tool.

The tool is especially tailored for the design and optimization of mm-wave or sub-mm-wave shaped double-shell lenses that enable the radiation pattern compliance with two simultaneous conditions selected from a predefined list.

The experimental validation of the tool is based on scaled lens prototypes operating between 40 GHz and 65 GHz.

Parceiros Internos
Centro de Investigação Grupo de Investigação Papel no Projeto Data de Início Data de Fim
IT-Iscte Grupo de Antenas e Propagação Parceiro 2003-09-01 2007-09-01
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Equipa de Projeto
Nome Afiliação Papel no Projeto Data de Início Data de Fim
Jorge Rodrigues da Costa IT-Iscte [Grupo de Antenas e Propagação] Coordenador Local 2003-09-01 2007-09-01
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Código/Referência Tipo de Financiamento Entidade Financiadora Programa de Financiamento País Valor Financiado (Global) Valor Financiado (Local) Data de Início Data de Fim
ESA-17514 Contrato ESA-ESTEC ESA-ESTEC Bélgica 1 1 2003-09-01 2007-09-01
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Integrated Lens Antenna Shaping