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A new divide? The impact of globalization on national party systems
Eftichia Teperoglou (Teperoglou, E.); Emmanouil Tsatsanis (Tsatsanis, Emmanouil );
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West European Politics
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Reino Unido
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This article contributes to the ongoing discussion concerning the impact of globalisation and European integration on the structure of ideological space in Western Europe. The empirical investigation is based on an examination of Euromanifestos data from four European countries - Germany, United Kingdom, Greece and Portugal - for a time frame of up to 30 years. The findings largely support the hypothesis of a transformation of the content of the standard cultural axis due to the emergence of conflicts over the desirability for regional and/or global integration. However, this transformation occurs in different ways and by different actors across national contexts. Whereas in the United Kingdom and Germany objections against ongoing integration processes have been mainly articulated by political parties of the conservative and populist right, in Greece and Portugal left-wing political parties emerge as the main representatives of the anti-integration camp.
  • Ciências Políticas - Ciências Sociais