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Adolescents’ resilience in residential care: A systematic review of factors related to healthy adaptation
Micaela Pinheiro (Pinheiro, M.); Eunice Magalhães (Magalhães, E.); Joana Baptista (Baptista, J.);
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Child Indicators Research
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Research with young people in Residential Care (RC) has primarily focused on mental health problems, overlooking resilience and adaptation. Considering that previous trauma experiences and adversity (e.g., previous abuse and neglect) cannot be changed, it is critical to identify the current protective factors of adaptation in RC. Purpose: this systematic review aims to identify the protective factors or the resilience portfolio that may be positively associated with adolescents’ healthy adaptation in RC. Method: based on the PRISMA statement and using a combination of keywords related with RC, adolescents, resilience, and adaptation a search in eight databases was conducted in November 2020: Academic Search Complete, APA PsycArticles, APA PsycINFO, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, ERIC, MEDLINE, Web of Science and Scopus. This search yielded 4442 articles and 11 studies met our inclusion criteria. Results: Overall, the studies reported protective factors at different levels, namely, individual assets, resources from different contexts (family, RC, and community), appraisals and coping behavior. Conclusion: this review highlighted the importance of exploring resilience as a dynamic process of assets and resources rather than as a stable individual attribute. This review aims to contribute to a deep discussion about resilience in RC, informing policy-making and professional practices and enhancing young people’s adaptation in RC.
Residential care,Resilience,Adaptation,Adolescents
  • Psicologia - Ciências Sociais
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