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Are ill-informed residential water consumers less price-responsive?
Henrique Monteiro (Monteiro, H.); Maria Rita Vieira Martins (Rita Martins); Joaquim Ramalho (Ramalho, J.J.S.); Esmeralda A. Ramalho (Ramalho, E.A.);
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6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists
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The vast literature estimating residential water demand assumes households are aware of and respond to changes in the tariffs or at least in the average price paid. However, in a framework where consumers face complex tariff schemes, and water bills tend to represent a reduced household expenditure, this awareness cannot be taken by granted. In this paper, we estimate a discrete continuous choice (DCC) model of residential water demand in Portugal that allows price elasticities to change as a function of consumers’ perception of their water bills. A control function approach is added to the DCC model to deal with the potential endogeneity of the perception indicator. We find water demand to be price-inelastic, but less so if consumers’ awareness about the amount they pay is higher. We also provide novel findings on the impact of environmentally-friendly behaviors, rainwater harvesting and availability of alternative water sources.
residential water demand estimation,perceptions,discrete continuous choice model,control function.