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Behavioural and motivational training for Senior Staff in the Portuguese Public Sector
César Madureira (Madureira, C.);
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European Journal of Vocational Training
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The results of this research has highlighted the fact that most public sector bodies in Portugal do not have any formal specification for training requirements, nor do they have training programmes or detailed training evaluation systems. Furthermore, there is no interaction in these areas between the training body and the Departmental Customer or any involvement of the Departmental Customers in the entire training process. In spite of this, senior staff continue to be optimistic about the role of behavioural and motivational training in the everyday realities of administration. However, our results reveal numerous inconsistencies and contradictions and it is clear that, for the time being, no systematic organisation of behavioural and motivational training attended by senior management exists in public sector bodies in Portugal. This article has been based on a doctoral thesis by the author defended on 22 April 2004 in the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies at Lusiada University in Lisbon and aims to summarise some of the results of the research.
Vocational training,Training management,Specification of training requirements,Training evaluation