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Caminhos (im)prováveis: equidade, mobilidade social e participação no ensino superior de jovens descendentes de imigrantes africanos [(Im)Probable paths: equity, social mobility and participation in higher education of young people of African origin]
Adriana Albuquerque (Albuquerque, Adriana); Sandra Mateus (Mateus, S.); Teresa Seabra (Seabra, T.); Cristina Roldão (Roldão, C.);
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I Conferência Ibérica de Sociologia da Educação
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The integration of descendants of immigrants is one of the main challenges facing education systems in Europe. Portugal is no exception - the significant presence of this population, in particular with African origin in schools in major urban areas has marked sociological research in recent years, helping to reinterpret old and new social inequalities. Little is known, however, about the educational paths of these students and their inclusion in higher education. This emerging reality is the research focus of the project "Educational Paths of young Africans (PALOP) that access higher education". The presentation will be based in the analysis of 20 biographical interviews conducted in 2015 to young descendants of immigrants from African origin that did enroll in higher education despite adverse socio-economic conditions. The analysis demonstrates and explores the institutional contexts, the social conditions of possibility, but also the individual experiences and strategies that shape the counter-tendency educational paths. It addresses, thus, the issue of the social and ethnic reconfiguration of higher-education students; and aims to contribute to a better understanding and a more informed policy intervention in the field of equity and educational and social inclusion of higher-education students of African descent in Portugal.
Desigualdades,mobilidade social,ensino superior,descendentes de imigrantes africanos