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Chinese descendants' professional pathways: moving to new businesses?
Sofia Gaspar (Gaspar, S.);
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Portuguese Journal of Social Science
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Chinese immigrants have grown in number in Portugal over decades to become one of the most representative communities in the country. This phenomenon raises crucial questions about the settlement and labour integration of first-generation immigrants and their descendants. One important issue involves understanding the position of Chinese descendants in the labour market, and whether they follow the same professional pathway than their parents. Applying qualitative data, this article addresses the participation of Chinese descendants in the Portuguese job market, paying particular attention to the entrepreneurial activities developed by young Chinese adults. The results point to emerging professional activities interlinked with Golden Visa related businesses in the wake of investment policies launched in Portugal after 2011. This article documents a new dimension to Chinese employment, mainly dominated by Chinese descendants who profit from their in-between social positions to mediate highly skilled services amid Chinese business migrants and the Portuguese society.
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