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Citizen Science as an Input for Better Policy Formulation and Implementation
Susana Nascimento (Nascimento, S.); Jose Miguel Rubio-Iglesias (Rubio-Iglesias, J.M.); Lea Shanley (Shanley, L.); Roger Owens (Owens, R.); Christian Herbst (Herbst, C.); Elena Montani (Montani, E.); Sven Schade (Schade, S.); et al.
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ECSA / European Citizen Science Association Conference
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Citizen Science offers a way to connect EU citizens to major policy priorities, allows them to take part and understand the scale of changes taking place around them and give them local information with which to demand change from local and national decisions makers. Authorities need to access and utilise the best available knowledge in support of their policies and have now the opportunity to harness novel flows of data, information and knowledge from citizens to enhance their policy processes, leveraging the recent advances in technologies and pervasive internet. Studies in UK and Germany have already demonstrated that there is a big potential that remains largely untapped despite Europe having been at the forefront of Citizen Science. There are however successful experiences at national, regional and local level that can serve as an inspiration for a more integrated approach at EU level. This could also help not only re-engage citizens but also empower them in a time in which the bond of trust between civil society, science and policy-making is under considerable strain.