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Construir cidade com espaço público
Mafalda Sampaio (Sampayo, M.);
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On the W@terfront
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(Inglês) Building city with public space

This paper will point out some of the themes involved on the making of cities and solutions for interventions in different situations. We can ask some questions: what is more important in the city? Buildings or public space? How has been made the city according to old and modern models? Today we make the buildings and then we apply public space to the emptiness that exists between the built masses. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, this interstitial space is not a public space. It’s an empty space and not an alive space where we feel well. Making cities implies to have conscience of a series of factors that are not only the domain of the architect, but of different technicians. This theme has been disarticulated debated by some intervenients in the cities. Although all are conscientious of the necessary relationship with different specialists who work on the cities, planning it and articulating with the territorial scale. It seems to us that the reason for the primary aim not being reached is a bad articulation of the efforts of the several technicians.