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Contested Energy Transition? Europeanization and Authority Turns in EU Renewable Energy Policy
Helge Jörgens (Jörgens, H.); Solorio, Israel (Solorio, I.);
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UACES 49th Annual Conference
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In a context of multiple crises, the European Union’s climate and energy policies have become highly politicized and contested. This is particularly true for the promotion of renewable energy sources (RES). Based on a comparative study of the Europeanization of renewable energy policies in ten EU member states, and adopting a circular view of Europeanization, this article unravels the authority debates over successive rounds of negotiation, adoption, and implementation of RES policies at the European level. These include the 2001 Directive on Electricity Production from RES, the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive (RED), and the 2018 RED II. Following an exploratory process-tracing method and taking into account processes of policy feedback, we investigate whether and how Europeanization amplifies the diffuseness of power and authority between the EU and its member states and assess how and under which conditions Europeanization can trigger de-Europeanization and a weakening of European integration. Key
environmental policy,energy policy,renewable energy policy,europeanization,policy feedback,climate policy,european integration