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Defining personal reflexivity: a critical reading of Archer's approach
Ana Caetano (Caetano, A.);
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European Journal of Social Theory
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Margaret Archer plays a leading role in the sociological analysis of the relation between structure and agency, and particularly in the study of reflexivity. The main aim of this article is to discuss her approach, focusing on the main contributions and limitations of Archer’s theory of reflexivity. It is argued that even though her research is a pioneering one, proposing an operationalization of the concept of reflexivity in view of its empirical implementation, it also minimizes crucial social factors and the dimensions necessary for a more complex and multi-dimensional study of the concept, such as social origins, family socialization, processes of internalization of exteriority, the role of other structure–agency mediation mechanisms and the persistence of social reproduction.
Agency,Archer,Internal conversation,Reflexivity,Structure
  • Sociologia - Ciências Sociais
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