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Developing a planning support system for Starter Cycling Cities: the Cycling Measures Selector
Joana S. Marques (Marques, J.S.);
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12th CITTA International Conference on Planning Research
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Changing deep-rooted travel behaviours towards more sustainable urban mobility development is key to address some of the challenges faced by contemporary cities. Cycling has been highlighted as a very efficient mode of transportation in urban contexts, which, however, is constrained by resistances at public, political and technical levels in cities without such tradition or know-how. Urban planners face the challenge of addressing such complexities to deliver effective change. This paper presents a planning support system for Starter Cycling Cities intended to enhance the decision-making process, drawn on research conducted for project ‘BooST – Boosting Starter Cycling Cities’. It focuses on one of the tools developed under its Starter City Roadmap: the Cycling Measures Selector (CMS). The tool comprises a library of mobility management measures and supports the process of identifying and packaging the measures best suited for starter cycling cities, tailored to their context and specific objectives. The challenge in developing the CMS is to find a balance between existing concepts and knowledge and the appropriation of the process by practioners to each specific context, in the scope of a reflexion on cycling strategic planning and on planning for change.
Mobility Management Measures,Cycling,Measure’s Generator Tool
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