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Die Theorie der Vernunft in der Negativen Dialektik von Theodor W. Adorno und philosophische Bildung in der postmodernen Gesellschaft = The theory of the mind in Negative Dialectics by Theodor W. Adorno and philosophical education in postmodern society
Anne Schippling (Schippling, A.);
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Synthesis Philosophica
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The situation of disorientation in the plurality of value and normative orientation in postmodern society, which is often marked with intolerenace and inhumaneness towards others, is connected to the crisis of the enlightened mind and, along with that, the enlightened thought. Theodor W. Adorno developed the theory of the mind in his work Negative Dialectics, in which he expresses that which in our thoughts is “the Other”, that which Adorno describes as “non-identical”. In his revolt against categorizing thoughts, through the complex experience of the “non-identical”, the idea of negative dialectics becomes relevant for one prolific idea in education, espcecially philosophical education under the conditions of postmodern societies, thus synchronously showing the way out of the current crisis of philosophy.
Theory of mind,T. W. Adorno,Negative Dialectics,The other,Non-identical,Philosophical education,Postmodern society
  • Filosofia, Ética e Religião - Humanidades