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Domestic brands in food retail: the consumer perspective
Susana Marques (Marques, S. H.); Margarida G. M. S. Cardoso (Cardoso, M. G. M. S.); Patricia A. R. Ramos (Ramos, P. A. R.);
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25th Recent Advances In Retailing And Services Science, EIRASS 2018
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This study aims to assess the consumer views on domestic brands in food retail. For this purpose, a non-probabilistic sample was collected. The data collection, conducted by interviewing customers at the stores check outs, reached 384 individuals. Most respondents believe that buying domestic brand products contributes positively to the growth of their own country economy and to promote employment. From the results it is concluded that the variables that most influence consumer buying behavior are the discounts/promotions, price and product quality. The variables that exert less influence are advertising and product packaging. Attitudes and buying behavior are also analyzed in relation to the socio- demographic profile of respondents. In order to better understand consumer preferences for the various types of brands - domestic brands, international brands and private labels - we selected 13 categories of food and drinks. A preference map is obtained that illustrates the relationship between the types of brands and the product categories considered. The most apparent threats to domestic brands refer to the categories of cereals and crackers for which private labels are preferred by most respondents and to the category of chocolates for which the preference of most consumers lies on the international brands. In the soft drinks category 36.5% of respondents prefer the domestic brands, although private labels and international brands also feature prominently in the sample. The research conducted may provide support for domestic brand producers who want to make their products available on the market or boost their marketing strategies to attract new customers.
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