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Ethical and methodological dilemmas in mixed-methods research: an empirically-based perspective about gamete donation
Sandra Pinto da Silva (Silva, S.); Liliana Abreu (Abreu, L. ); Claudia de Freitas (Freitas, C. DE); Ana Catarina Samorinha (Samorinha, C.); Inês Baía (Baía, I.); Susana Manuela Ribeiro Dias da Silva (Silva, S.);
European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry
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Research in the field of gamete donation has focused mostly on the dichotomy between the resource-poor countries/conditions of the donors and the richer Western countries’ recipients/hosting research projects. Furthermore, most independent studies focus only on the group of donors, with a shortage of original empirical research using mixed-methods. Based on a mixed-methods study that aims to understand how social, cultural and economic characteristics intertwine with the health experiences, knowledge and identities of those involved in gamete donation (i.e. donors, recipients and health professionals), we will explore the ethical and methodological challenges that emerged in connection to fieldwork experiences associated with anonymity, confidentiality, informed consent, researchers’ gender and researchers’ potential impact on the participant and vice versa.
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