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Faculty-exchange programs promoting change: motivations, experiences, and influence of participants in the Carnegie Mellon University-Portugal Faculty Exchange Program
Teresa Patrício (Patrício, M. T.); Patrícia Santos (Santos, P.); Paulo Maia Loureiro (Loureiro, P. M.); Hugo Horta (Horta, H.);
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Tertiary Education and Management
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The international mobility of faculty is increasing worldwide. Although studies have considered the experiences of academics abroad, less is known about faculty-exchange programs with policy objectives. This study helps to fill this gap by analyzing a nationwide structured faculty exchange program established by Carnegie Mellon University and Portuguese universities to bring change to Portuguese higher education. The findings are based on interviews with Portuguese program participants, whose motivation to participate and experiences with the program, in addition to the influence of their experience abroad on their home institution, were explored. We find that, although the alignment of individual motivations with institutional interests is important to such programs, the complex transposition of individual experiences to the institutional level may be impeded by cultural resistance as well as resource and organizational constraints. Our exploration of the features that determine the success or failure of these experiences provides insights for policymakers seeking to implement faculty-mobility programs in the future.
International mobility,Faculty-exchange program,Faculty motivations,Experiences abroad,Higher education,Academic mobility
  • Economia e Gestão - Ciências Sociais
  • Ciências da Educação - Ciências Sociais
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